Northern Beaches Golf Psychologist

At northern beaches Golf psychology we aim to put the swing back into your game. We are a dedicated team whos one and only goal is to get you back into the swing of things.Golf is fifty percent mental and 50 percent skills. However if your mentaly not doing well it is extremely likely your game will be suffering.

We aim to help you with an expert psychologist who also specialises in sport psychology. It may seem a little corny but all pro’s nowadays have their own dedicated Golf psychologist who works with regularly to help address the mental game behind their swing.

Being an avide golf enthusiast we aim to support you in every aspect of mental health that is behind your game. We know we can and will help you in every aspect become a better player and we also believe in the power of being an all around strong person both physicaly and mentaly.

A great psychology tip

Always try to relax and let your mind be at ease. If you are suffering from a mental condition this may be extremely hard to achieve. That is where we can help. A psychologist will provide you with many tools to relax and leave your problems at home or at work instead of at the course. We believe in doing whatever it takes to help you achieve a strong mental game.

A psychologist can help

When tiger woods was having his issues he employed a great psychologist who helped him work on his mental game as well as his personal life. Once the therapy had taken some traction yhere was dramatic improvements in his game. Becoming a great player with the aid of a psychologist is achievable and many a player who is not professional have greatly benefited from having an amazing therapist they regularly work with. There is no shame in seeking help and we are here to help. To make an enquiry please contact us. Our charges are $220 per session and if payment is made for five sessions it reduces to $190 per session.

Most people will need at least three session and we do not claim an instant fix after one session.This is an ongoing tool that anyone looking for a mental edge on the course should have. will help.