Kids Football Psychology

A football psychologist for children

Can be fun, it can be an amazing adventure for any junior player looking to one potentially going and turning professional. If you have ever played sport and are wanting to go to the next level mental training for the sport you love can seriously help. From playing in the front row to playing fullback there are many aspects of the game that are purley mental.

Knowing that psychology is ppresent within any sport should be enough that if you are taking the game seriously a psychologist is a great option into knowing that everything is being done to help the athlete be at a point of peak performance. Many atyhletes get nervous before a game whetherthe game is big or small, local or even a grand final.

Psychology for all

If you are a coach of a junior team it is well worth haveing a look at the basics of sport psychology as for children playing the game the psych is very different to how adults would be looking at the arena. If you are serious about all the aspects of the game it is important to know the fundamentals as sometimes our intentions are great but we may actually be engaging in things that are not helpful for kids.

In Sports Kids come first

Always put the best interest of your child first and the children within your team. Do not be selfish and push the child it is ok to nudge and provide motivation however psuhing to hard may cause the child to shut down.

There have been many a child throughout history that could have been champions but simply were pushed to hard by parents, coaches or friends that gave up the sport due to too much much pressure. Nudge in a kind caring manner.